Need a Commercial Bridging Loan?

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Bridging loans aren’t just for individuals, either. They are a crucial part of how many corporations run their day-to-day operations.

The modern business world can be a very competitive place, with a constant demand for incoming money to finance new ideas and ventures. New business opportunities may not come along very often, and when they do, they usually require you to move fast lest someone else slightly faster and more ambitious than you beats you to the punch. Business is about maximizing profits, not doing favors – the deal you’re getting offered on that plot of land isn’t going to wait three to six months for you to gather funds when some new upstart will pay up front, in full, today.

So what do you do? You apply for a business commercial bridging loan, and you get all the funds you need in 2-10 business days, and you take advantage of that deal now, before it’s gone.

Possible business uses for bridging loans:

▪ Property developers buying land at auction

▪ Financing refurbishments, conversions, or rebuilds

▪ Funding cash flow problems

▪ Buying out stock

▪ Funding expansion

▪ Stopping bankruptcy

▪ Delaying/preventing property repossession

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Bad credit history? Who cares? Since commercial bridging loans are secured against your property and assets, credit doesn’t matter. Terms can vary, and repayment will usually be a period of as little as one month up top as much as three years. For more questions, contact a specialist commercial bridging loan lender.

So what do you need?

▪ Commercial properties in need of immediate funds

▪ To be 18 years of age or older

▪ Collateral

And that’s it!

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Everything about these loans is quick, because that’s what you need. No waiting around, twiddling your thumbs, missing out on golden opportunities.

Here’s a few charts demonstrating the relative speeds for different parts of the bridging loan process:







(possible other options: slow, reasonably prudent amount of time, weeks, months, years)

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Now, bridging loans aren’t just a bottomless bag of instant money. The lender will usually only loan up to 85% of the value of the property you’re buying.

Remember: be responsible. Everything about this loan is quick, but that means the bank expects repayment to be quick as well. The understanding with bridging loans is that you are entering into the loan because you will soon have the money you need, just not soon enough for what you need it for. Therefore, the average length of repayment on these types of loans is six months, and the interest rates are higher than more traditional loans. The repayment period will usually not start for a month or two, followed by large monthly payments designed to pay off the loan within the time frame.

Watch out for:
▪ Non-refundable administrative fees
▪ Processing fees
▪ Other additional, unexpected charges
If the loan isn’t repaid in full when it’s due, that property you jumped on will be taken by the bank and auctioned off to the next guy.

As long as you’re not reckless – and you wouldn’t have gotten to where you are if you were – bridging loans are a completely safe way to raise funds immediately to keep at the head of the game. Just remember:
1) Have a plan in place for how you’ll repay the loan before you sign.
2) Only use bridging loans if time is an important factor and you know you can repay.
If it sounds like this is for you, contact us for a friendly consultation.

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