Non Status Bridging Finance

Non Status Bridging Finance

Non Status Applicants

Bridging finance for non-status applicants can be harder to obtain. This type of loan provides for the immediate funding of money when the purchase of a new home and the sale of the old home are not timed well. This loan allows you a way to get the money needed in the interim. This type of advance is a short-term loan, ideally to be paid back within 6 months, upon the finalized sale of the first home.

Poor Credit History

Bridging loans for non-status are for those borrowers who may have little or poor credit or financial situation. For these types of borrowers, obtaining any loan may be difficult. It may take longer than usual to complete a traditional loan and many people fear it can take longer to complete this type of advance as well.

UK Residents

It is available to all UK residents over the age of 18. In most cases, there is no need to check credit scores, employment records and tax records. The mortgage of the new property has taken these things into account. The financial institution will view this mortgage and use the new property as collateral.

Fast Approval Process

The bridging loan, non-status, is a short-term loan. It is intended to be paid back within a short time, under a year. The loan is secured by the new home and therefore, there are not as strict guidelines as there are for traditional loans. The more money you need to borrow, the more closely the bank will need to look at such things as credit and employment. Simple loan financing may take only a few days from start to finish. If the bridging finance is non-status, the less money needed to be borrowed, the shorter amount of time it will take to complete the approval process.

Non Status Bridging Finance

The bridging finance non-status is a good solution for those in need of funds before their old home sells. Be sure to have as much information ready for the lender as possible, including the new mortgage information and the appraisal on both homes. Even for those with poor credit, this type of advance may be a great way to be able to complete your transaction quickly.

Approval of fast bridging finance loans for non-status customers as well as our more established clients is very soundly based on our practical and pragmatic knowledge of the of the various underlying economic factors and quickly changing circumstances that we all of us have to deal with on a daily basis. Our in depth knowledge of client assessment and mortgage lending, especially mortgage lending in the London and Greater London areas has given us the insight and the experience to be able to deal with bridging loan applicants each of whom will almost certainly have very widely, differing credit scores and credit histories. What we bring to the party is a deep understanding of exactly how a well constructed bridging finance arrangement can be made to meet the requirements of each individual requirement.

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